Electric Vehicle Charging Tariffs

elektrikli araç şarj istasyonu kurmak,elektrikli araç şarj istasyonu yönetmeliği

EV Charging Costs

You can access the costs determined for EV stations of different types and capacities in TL/kWh from the table below and get information about Electric Car Charging Cost and Charging Cost, you can also see the electric vehicle filling fee and find an answer to the question of how many liras the electric vehicle charges.

Model kW kW.h  Sale Price TL
EVC - 22kW AC Car Charger 22 7
EVC - 60kW DC Car Charger 60 8
EVC - 120kW DC Car Charger 120 8
EVC - 180kW DC Car Charger 180 10

Prices are VAT inclusive.

The Charging Service Tariff has been determined in accordance with the Electricity Market Law No. 6446 and the Charging Service Regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 31797 dated April 2, 2022.

At the end of the charging process, if the user occupies the 'Electric Charging Station', an additional occupancy fee may be charged over tl/min depending on the location of the  EV station and the time spent. You can find the occupancy fee of the EVstation where you will perform the charging process from the Our EV Stations tabs

The occupancy fee starts to be charged 5 minutes after the end of charging as a result of SMS notification or mobile notification to the user

Additional Blockage Fee may be charged if the user reserves the charging station on the fly. The blockage fee may vary depending on the location and type of the EV station. You can access the blockage fee of the EV station where you will perform the charging process from the Our EV Stations tab

Sign up to the CV Charging Vehicles portal and benefit from a Loyalty Discount of maximum 20% depending on the location and EV station type. You can find current discount advantages from the Our EV Stations tab.

You can check the current EV station type and charging costs by location in the tab