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araç şarj istasyonu fiyat,elektrikli araç şarj istasyonu bayiliği,

EV Charging Station Mobile Application

With CV Charging Vehicles Portal, you can manage your Electric Charging Station through the mobile application or website, start and end the electric charging process, find the closest vehicle filling EV Stations to your route through the electric vehicle charging station map in the application, at the same time, you can charge your electric vehicle by saving time with our fast charging stations, view the processes or transactions and perform many more functions.


Download the Mobile App
According to your phone's operating system, enter the App or Play Store and type CV Charging Vehicles Portal and then download the application to your phone.
Sign up or log in

After downloading the application, if you signed up before, you can log in to the application or sign up.

Start/End Charging
You can scan the QR Code on the EV Station Screen through the Application or you can charge without a card by entering the code on the EV Station Screen through the Application.
Finding the Nearest Ev Station
You can find all charging stations on the map and view their tariff and detailed information.
Favorite Station Set
Set frequently used locations as your favorite stations and speed up your transactions.
Bill Payment
You can easily make your payments through the application according to various payment type methods.