Frequently Asked Questions

You can get detailed information by calling 444 22 07.

Charging cannot be started without downloading the application. But you can start charging from the application without membership.

When you purchase a product or service, we contact the issuing bank to verify that your payment method is valid and your account has sufficient funds for the transaction. Your bank holds the funds until the transaction is completed or the authorisation expires. There is no charge for open authorisation.

You can take the first step for the installation of an electric vehicle charging station by filling out the form on the EV Station Request tab.

Private Use Areas, Residences, Sites and Residences, Business Centers and Plazas, Private Parking Lots, Educational Institutions, Hotels, Military Areas, Special Permit Areas, Shopping Centers, Social Facilities, Public Institutions and Municipalities, Restaurants and Recreation Facilities, Parks and Green Areas, Auto Galleries, Parking Lots, Super Markets, Fuel Stations, Auto Services, Health Institutions and Hospitals, etc

• Electricity bill for the last month (multiplier /demant / agreement power) or we need to find out the power of the transformer.)
• Title deed
• Certificate of occupancy / site plan
• Lease agreement, if any (we need to know how many years it is rented, how many years the contract will be valid)
• No debt letter
• Signature circular
• Tax plate

• Preparation and review of the requested documents
• reparation of the positive opinion request form (Annex-1) for the installation of an electric vehicle charging station and application to the distribution company or the relevant administration. (Application is made by our company.)
• Obtaining the positive opinion document (Annex-2) for the installation of the electric vehicle charging station from the distribution company or the relevant administration. (Application is made by our company.)
• Preparation of the infrastructure and installation of the electric vehicle

• For areas where people spend more time, we can choose AC (slow charging) for locations
• DC (fast charging) can be preferred for those who have time constraints and cannot be in locations for more than 15/20 minutes.
• Examples of our AC devices (awm, restaurant, gyms, Turkish bath, sauna, spa, business centers etc.)
• Examples of our DC devices (fuel stations, resting facilities on highways, etc.)

• CV Charging Vehicles can generate revenue from licensed electric vehicle charging stations with advantageous business partnership plans. Please call 444 22 07 for detailed information on 'Business Partnership Operations'.

You can install stations at any point in Türkiye where the infrastructure is suitable.

• This is an additional fee charged in case the user completes the charging process but the connection between the vehicle and the station continues and prevents another user from charging. You can access the current occupation fees from our stations tab.

• If the user reserves the station in order to receive instant charging service, the additional fee charged is called blockage fee. You can access the current blockage fees from our stations tab.

You can pay with your credit card via the mobile application.

In addition, you can pay by scanning your RFID card at the station.