CV Charging Membership and Tariffs

elektrikli araç şarj istasyonu kurulum,elektrikli araç şarj istasyonu fiyatları,

EV Charging Stations and EV Charging Points

You can create a user registration on the CV Charging Vehicles platform, learn about electric car charging points, see the electric charging station map and join the advantageous membership system. In this way, you can easily manage all user-friendly functions of the mobile application and web browser, use fast charging stations, easily perform all operations on the charging station, and at the same time, you can find the electric vehicle charging stations in Türkiye, and you can get the opportunity to benefit from advantageous tariff prices with loyalty discounts exclusive to members.

Fast Charging

Save time with high current carrying capacity fast charging connectors. .

Hızlı Şarj
Easy Payment

Many payment methods such as Visa, Master Card, RFID Card, Mobile Payment and QR Code payment.

Kolay Ödeme
Reliable Structure

Reliable charging thanks to complete protection that meets the latest national and industry standards.

Güvenilir Yapı
High Power Capacity

High power output of up to 180 kW, flexibly distributed across two connectors.

Yüksek Güç Kapasitesi
elektrikli araç şarj istasyonu,Hızlı Sarj İstasyonu
AC ve DC Şarj
AC and DC Charging

AC or DC charging option in a wide range of power options according to users' needs.

Verimlilik & Performans
Efficiency & Performance

Offering more power with wide voltage range, large charging current, improved operational efficiency and optimum resource utilization.

Veri Yönetimi
Data Management

Detailed view/manage charging process and parameters via web site or mobile application.

Kolay Bakım
Easy Maintenance

Save maintenance time and costs with modular and compact design.