Trio 22kW Three Phase/400V AC Electric Vehicle Charger

Trio 22kW Three Phase/400V AC Electric Vehicle Charger

Different charging mode options

TommaTech (EVC) Car Chargers provide fast and easy charging of electric vehicles with different charging standards in Economic Mode, Fast Charging Mode or Special Mode via Type II connectors.

With a smart and compact design, the (EVC) car chargers can be used in indoor and outdoor applications and also have a wide operating temperature range. This makes TommaTech (EVC) Car Chargers the preferred choice for residential, office or public applications.

In addition, the car chargers are fully compatible with TommaTech® Trio and Uno Hybrid Inverters, making it possible to maximise the utilisation of solar energy in combination with lithium battery applications.

Product Features:

  • Different charging mode options
  • Smart, compact design
  • Compatible for indoor outdoor applications
  • Wide operating temperature range